EMC Testing Laboratory

EMC Testing Laboratory

All electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices emit a certain amount of electromagnetic energy to the environment by their nature. Mes Electromagnetic interference. Is the effect of devices or systems from this energy that is produced or present in the environment.

Electromagnetic interference can be caused by the spatial radiation emitted by the devices to the air, or by conductivity from the cables coming out of the device. Electromagnetic compatibility is that a device or system continues to operate in an electromagnetic environment without causing and without interference. In other words, it can be defined as not affecting other devices or systems while the device or system is working and not being affected by their operation.

As MOBILITY, we are able to carry out EMC tests within the scope required for both component and vehicle and offer E type approval certificate from Europe.

Provisions Regarding Approval of Vehicles for Motor Vehicles - Radio Interference Suppression Equipment EMC establishes the basic conditions for the electrical and electronic equipment to cause or be exposed to interference with other electrical and electronic equipment in the environment.

With the increase of sensitive receivers and strong transmitters around the vehicles, the electromagnetic compatibility of the vehicles has gained importance and even became a necessity.

Within the European Union, all electrical / electronic equipment must be based on this regulation for electromagnetic compatibility.



The EMC directive covers all electrical / electronic devices and systems which contain electrical / electronic elements that may cause electromagnetic interference or their functions may be affected by electromagnetic fields.

Nearly all electrical / electronic devices are covered by the EMC directive.

There are exceptions.

EMC experiments; in accordance with the envisaged military and commercial standards, “full reflection room”, “semi reflection room”, “open field test area” and “screened rooms”. Full / semi-reflection rooms; They are special environments which are isolated from external electromagnetic interference and coated with electromagnetic cooling materials. Screened rooms are rooms that are isolated from external electromagnetic interference consisting only of grounded flat metal plates.

In EMC Laboratory, there are full and semi-reflection rooms with a large volume which are rarely installed in our country. Isotropic probe calibrations in 700 MHz - 40 GHz frequency range in fully non-reflective chamber, directional antenna calibrations in 30 MHz - 40 GHz frequency range can be performed by using semi-reflection chamber and open field test field together.