What are the EMC Standards

What are the EMC Standards

Today, it is one of the most used standards among civilian standards. EN standards are collected in 3 groups as basic, real and product standards. Basic standards are general purpose standards and contain test methods and test limit values. They are referenced by generic and product standards. Immunity test standards are prepared based on emission tests standards. Actual standards are the basic standards that should be consulted when there is no product-specific standard. Generally, actual standards define the test limit values ​​but refer to the relevant basic standards for the test method. Product standards define specific test conditions and methods for a particular product family. Product family is the name given to a group of similar products.

These standards may refer to basic standards for test methods and test limit values. Identifies any product-specific changes that are different from the basic standard during the implementation of the tests. The primary purpose of the standards is to establish the basic requirements that must be met before the products are available for sale anywhere in the EU. Although these conditions are met, the removal of technical barriers to trade and the free movement of products are aimed. In order to demonstrate the conformity of a device produced in accordance with the EMC directive, self-certification according to harmonized standards is primarily required. In addition, a “Technical file için must be prepared for the device. Although the technical file to be prepared varies according to the product and the manufacturer, it is expected to have the following headings.

The tests to be applied must be defined within a certain discipline. These are EMC standards that define and outline requirements. Standards are the basic elements that determine the quality of products. The two important issues that the standards should specify are sınır test limit values ​​”and“ test methods.. The environments in which the devices operate are often more compact and the devices are used in a metal cabinet or rack mount. The grounding system is strictly defined and implemented correctly. The EMC criteria to be met according to these conditions differ from the civilian criteria. The basic military standard describing device-based EMC tests is the MIL-STD 461 / 462.


Technical Evaluation 

  • Tests and standards
  • Test result reports, 
  • EMC design features,
  • Certificates,
  • CE declaration.