EMC Measuring Instruments

EMC Measuring Instruments

Radio / TV receivers used in homes,

Industrial production devices,

Amateur radio equipment,

Mobile and commercial radio, telephone devices,

Medical and scientific equipment,

Devices for information technology,

Electronic devices used in homes,

Radios used in aviation and maritime,

Electronic devices related to education,

Communication networks and related devices,

Radio / TV transmitters

Flemish and fluorescent lamp lighting devices are not affected by the electromagnetic waves,

It should not be affected by electromagnetic waves caused by it.

The most important part of EMC tests; test setup and test conditions. The fact that test devices are in the form given in the standards is of primary priority for the accuracy and validity of the test results. Accordingly, EMC tests require special test environments.

Diffusion tests evaluate the electromagnetic energy that the device emits to the environment, while immunity tests examine the extent to which the electromagnetic energy in the environment affects the device. These two main issues are evaluated by 2 different tests, which are applied either yoluyla through conductivity ”or yoluyla through spatial radiation” according to the yol coupling path en of energy.


Testable Product Standards

  • EN 61000-6-1 Settlements, Immunity Standard for commercial and light industrial environments 
  • EN 61000-6-2 Immunity for industrial environments 
  • EN 61000-6-3 Emission Standard for Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial Environments 
  • EN 61000-6-4 Emission Standard for Industrial Environments 
  • EN 60601-1-2 Electrical Medical Devices - Electromagnetic Compatibility - Rules and Tests 
  • EN 55024Information technology devices - Immunity characteristics 
  • EN 62052-11Electric measuring equipment (aa) - General rules and tests: Meter 
  • EN 55014-1 Specifications for household and similar electrical appliances - Spread 
  • EN 55014-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility - Immunity Rules for Household and Similar Devices, Devices and Similar Devices - Product Family Standard 
  • EN 61326Electrical Devices - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use