EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility Test)

Required by the European Union on electronic devices
You can have EMC tests from our laboratory.

What is EMC Request a Test

EMC Testing Laboratory

We conduct EMC Electro Magnetic Compatibility tests with our technological infrastructure and expert electrical-electronics engineers in all frequency ranges from 1hz to 60 ghz

Our expert team of experts has completed EMC tests immediately and serves as a certified accredited organization without waiting for customers.

EMC Testing Service

EMC Spectrum

EMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Reports are carried out in accordance with standards.

EMC Environment Effects

In the electromagnetic compatibility tests, all ambient effects are calculated full-time.

EMC Active Modes

Difference mode radiation, coupling modes, conductivity mechanisms are calculated in EMC Test.

EMC Emission Test

In EMC electromagnetic compatibility tests, emission tests by radiation are calculated.